Natural Cremation

Natural Cremation, (also known as Alkali Hydrolysis) the newest technology in cremation, replaces the use of fire with the use of water. Natural Cremation is the process by which our bodies decompose naturally when they are buried in the earth. Typically this anaerobic process takes 20 years to fully decompose and return a human body back to bones. In a Natural Cremation, Alkaline Hydrolysis is used to gently speed up the process with a combination of natural base chemicals sodium and potassium, water pressure, and heat. Natural Cremation is and Eco-Friendly process.

Commonly Asked Questions

1Why should I chose Natural Cremation over the Fire ~ Based Cremation process?
Natural Cremation does not burn the body, there is no fire involved in the process which allows us to use 66% less energy, 90 % less natural gas, and release 90 % less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The total carbon footprint is 18 times less than fire ~ based cremation. Natural Cremation is not only good for the environment any implanted medical devices can be removed from the body & recycled.
2Can I have a funeral with the body present prior to the process?
Yes. A funeral with a viewing/visitation can be held prior to Natural Cremation.
3Can I make Pre Arrangements for the Natural Cremation process?
Yes.Pre Arrangements can be made for the Natural Cremation process.
4What is left following the Natural Cremation process? Do I get ashes back?
No. In fire ~ based cremation you never got ashes back. You actually got back processed burnt bone fragments. In Natural Cremation you will get nice clean processed bone fragments which will come back to you in a fiberboard container or you may choose an urn for the remains to be placed in.